Ukraine Deposits

Provider Rate
Ukrsotsbank 1 Year Term Deposit

Rate indicated is based on the Capital product for deposits of 300 000.01 +

1 year
Jun 2018
Prominvestbank 1 Year Deposit

Rate is applicable for 12 month deposit

1 year
May 2018


  • Q: Can i open a fix deposit and interest should come to sri lanken bank account what is maximum interest rate

    Reply Anton from San Martino in Rio, Italy
  • Q: Can a foreigner open a Time Deposit in your bank?

    Reply Chee from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
  • Q: can an American open a savings account on line

    Reply Elmer Hopkins from United States
  • Q: I'm from the USA, I would to open an online saving account in Ukraine. Is that possible and is there any protection? In the USA most banks are FDIC insure meaning your saving account is under protection, is it the same in UK?

    Reply Ernest from Binghamton, United States
    • R: Hi there. Will write to everyone here on board and to other future "same" comments. You dont need to worry about protection, top 3 of 10 banks owned by goverment, and other ones are foreing / private and too big to go down. Safe average rate is 15%~ btw. About opening account online, that's not possible for a foreigner, you need ID and other notarius papers that can be done in about 1~ hour, therefore you need fly to here. And last point is about safety and protection of deposits. Only 2 banks is protected PrivateBank that got nationalisted 7 months ago and OschadBank, but only up to 200k UAH. And here is strategy for or how to get off in 15%~ rates. >Fly here to open account. >Have a Friend that will help you with your language. >Keep eyes on currency, but it's in last 2.1 years it's only changed in 1-3%~ so pretty much nothing. And that's it. But keep in mind, that we have also govermental bonds with safe 15-20%~ rates. Here is Ukranian sites where you can look up highest intreset rates of bank deposits and also gov. bonds. - Deposit rate. - Gov.Bonds. And yes, you welcome! Asyf. Disclaimer, not an adviser, do your due dilligence.

      Reply Asyf
  • Q: I am EU citizen. What is the procedure to open account in Ukraine and what are the limits of whithdrawals and/or deposits (if there are any)

    Reply Anon from Cyprus
  • Q: Q: I am from Cyprus ,wants to invest in Ukraine fixed deposit,what is the process followed .

    Reply ANDREAS from Cyprus
  • Q: What is procedure to apply for a EUR 3 thm deposit €15k to €30k . We UK residents - one British, 1 Irish. What protection ? thank you

    Reply Margaret and Micha from Bentley, United Kingdom
    • R: There is ZERO protection. That's why you get 21% and not 0.21%.

      Reply Andrew
      • R: hi there the bank will bond you up to 1,000,000 grivna about 41 k uk pounds

        Reply martin
      • R: Andrew, excuse me? what do you mean by 0 protection? I am from Ukraine and bank deposits are guaranteed by law (up to UAH 200 000 in case of bank liquidation in private banks and without limit in government banks like PrivatBank which in fact is the best option). Another point is UAH inflation due to Russian military intervention. However in USD or EUR everything is stable and rates are quire reasonable. so please stop disinforming other users about things u don't know.

        Reply Alexander
  • Q: I am an Indian ,wants to invest in Ukraine fixed deposit,what is the process followed .

    Reply vipul from India
    • R: Modi would catch you

      Reply Modiji
    • R: Arrive in Ukraine with your passport.

      Reply Andrew
      • R: is the interest payable in local currency or can it be encashed in USD?

        Reply Kumar
    • R: U better look at RBI and FEMA regulation before looking out of India for deposit. Naredra Modi want to bring back Black Money and u want to stash money abroad.

      Reply vishal